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Hydromorphology and Hydropower

12th November 2013 — 09:15 to 16:30

Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, WC1

Conference Aim:

To look at the issue of hydro-morphology in the context of the Water Framework Directive and the developing programme of hydro-power generation to understand policy drivers, technical insights e.g. flow regimes and current thinking on the scale of issues posed and the practice that is developing to both improve the health of rivers as well as realise the potential energy provision from this source.

Conference Objectives:

  1. To provide an up to date assessment of the issue of hydro-morphology in the context of the Water Framework Directive not least the outcomes of studies that have been underway to assess this and the likely scale of issues that are likely to arise (Significant Water Management Issues - Challenges and Choices Consultation)
  2. To consider the successful development of the hydropower industry, the policy drivers and its development programme
  3. To understand current guidance and a range of technical insights that reflect on decision making in this area (guidance, flow regimes, cost-benefit) - analysts
  4. To look at the developing practice around resolving hydro-morphology issues in the context of river health in general (e.g. removal of obstructions) to fish passes etc. (practitioners and good practice)
  5. To look at how developing guidance and practice is helping to mitigate the impact of hydro-power schemes (practitioners – good practice)

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