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One of the three key priorities outlined in the Defra Structural Reform Plan is for a White Paper on the Natural Environment in 2011. Defra has published a discussion paper seeking views on what the White Paper should contain. This looks particularly wide ranging in content seeking to explore 15 key questions.

The Marine Policy Statement (UK) will be the first part of new systems of marine planning being introduced around the UK. It will provide the high level policy context within which Marine Plans will be developed, and set the direction for marine licensing and other relevant authorisation systems. 21st July 2010 – 13th October consultation period. The Marine Policy Statement will be the overarching policy framework for the UK marine area.

The Marine Planning System consultation (England) will provide a context for the Marine Policy Statement by outlining the planning system in England as a whole, and has been designed to function both as guidance for the planning function of the Marine Management Organisation and as a wide-ranging description of the marine planning system for the benefit of other interested bodies and persons. 21st July 2010 – 13th October consultation period

A new Marine Licensing System introduced by the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 will be launched in Spring 2011. The consultation (England only) sets out policy proposals for the implementation of the new system, covering key aspects including the application process, appeals against licensing decisions, and exemptions. 21st July 2010 – 13th October consultation period

Charting Progress 2 – an integrated assessment of the state of UK seas and its Overview and the Government Commentary on Charting Progress 2. This builds on the initial assessment in 2005.

The summary of responses to Marine Plan area consultation can be accessed on the following link: The consultation sought views on the proposed marine plan area boundaries for English inshore and offshore regions and the criteria for selecting the order in which the Marine Management Organisation should begin planning within those regions. A summary of responses to the Marine Plan area consultation can be found on the following link:

Stakeholder Consultation now open

Deadline for applications is Noon, 19th July 2010

Scottish Technical Standard for Marine and Freshwater Fish Farm Installations Deadline for applications is 17:00 on 4th August 2010

The CMS Marine Planning meeting on July 1st highlighted the wide range of tools that were being used to help deliver methodologies such as planning, EIA, SEA and MCZ processes. These tools often call on a range of social science techniques which outwith the experience of oceanographic and environmental scientists; this note highlights the scope for guidance on the use of these social science techniques and appropriate use of the fast developing array of tools.


The summer floods of 2007 highlighted the need for more effective action on surface water management – a point reinforced by the Pitt review; this Defra guidance sets out guidance for those in preparing surface water management plans.


The F&WM Act has gained Royal Assent ; it enacts various of the recommendations of the Pitt Review setting out more clearly the duties and responsibilities of different authorities in relation to flooding in general but surface water management, SuDs and partnership working.


The statutory provision for the creation of a network of marine protected areas – Marine Conservation Zones - in UK seas was made possible by the Marine and Coastal Access Act (2009); Guidance on their establishment is set out in the recently published The Marine Conservation Zone Guidance document.

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