28 February 2012

Marine Red Tape Challenge - Defra

The Red Tape Challenge website will spotlight Marine legislation will be reviewed under the Water and Marine theme, from 17 February until 23 March.

On the Red Tape Challenge website, marine legislation is divided into three areas:

Fisheries and Marine Enterprises: Sea Fisheries - These regulate the sea fishing industry and include provisions on sustainable harvesting of fish stocks, shellfish and crustaceans; monitoring and enforcement of fishing activities; bycatch; fishing vessels and technical provisions (fishing gear, size of species)

Fisheries and Marine Enterprises: Conservation and Use of Marine Environment - These regulations deal with conservation of our marine ecosystems and aquatic life, and a comprehensive licensing system for potentially damaging marine activities.

Fisheries and Marine Enterprises: Freshwater and Migratory Fisheries - These regulate angling and include provisions on conservation and sustainable exploitation of freshwater and migratory fish (salmon, trout, eel); and the use of alien and locally absent species in aquaculture.

The link to the Water and Marine theme is: