22 May 2012

CFP Reform – Concrete Proposals on the Basic Regulation – Significant changes signalled

Proposals to establish 10% of territorial waters as fish stock recovery areas are just one of a set of key proposals set out in the this document – CFP Reform Watch have set out in their recent newsletter. Months of discussions in the European Parliament about the main item in the fisheries reform – the Basic Regulation – have now resulted in a concrete legislative proposal that will be reviewed by MEPs. A few days ago the rapporteur, Ulrike Rodust (S&D), sent her draft report to translation. CFP Reform Watch has a copy for you to download. Below is a summary of some of Rodust’s proposals (please note that the references to amendments is not exhaustive):

Member states shall establish fish stock recovery areas in which all fishing is prohibited. 10 percent of the territorial waters shall be protected within three years of the entry into force of the regulation. (Amendment 68)

Council is pressured to set fishing opportunities that correspond to the MSY goals and with a long-term perspective, and a EP delegation shall be present at the Council meeting that establishes fishing opportunities. (Amendment 116)

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